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My Body Harmony Massage YouTube page is LIVE! I include videos for self care options which can be done between massage sessions for faster recovery and longer lasting relief, FAQ's and modality examples. Below are links to each.

Videos are added regularly so be sure to give the page a "Subscribe" if you don't want to miss any new info. 


General FAQ's 
What To Expect At Your First Massage

What to do After Your Massage Session - FAQ's

Should I Cancel My Massage?

Massage AFTER a Cold or Flu

Massage For Student Athletes

Top 10 Things MT's Wish Their Clients Knew

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage FAQ's

Why I Refer to Chiropractors


Self Care
Self Care for Frozen Shoulder

Plantar Faciitis Home Care 

Beginner Meditation

3 Reasons You Need a Maintenance Massage Plan

My 2 Fave Pec Stretches and why YOU NEED to be doing them

Stretches for Neck and Shoulders

Stretches for Hands and Wrists

1 Simple Exercise for Weak Ankles

How to Stop Calf Cramps FAST


Personal Health FAQ's
Is It Sciatica?

When Your Body "Holds Stress" - What Does That Mean?


Massage Modalities Info
3 Reasons I Love Cupping and what it is
Cupping Demo 

3 Reasons Why Hot Stone is Awesome
Hot Stone On Back Demo
Hot Stone Massage with a Synergy Stone Demo

Now Offering Kinesiotape!
Why You Should See A Pro For Kinesiotape

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