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Check out some testimonials our clients posted on our Face Book Page, Appointy and Square. Thank you all for the wonderful reviews! 

"Love the room. Service was excellent! Jennifer is an amazing therapist and has helped me so much with my pain." Brittany Leniz
"No way I could keep doing what I'm doing without these amazing ladies and the services they offer. They keep me, and therefore my business, up and running." David Colcord
"This place is amazing. I hadn't been able to have a massage in a couple of months and it was utter relaxation while working out the many knots I had. I highly recommend them to anyone." Kimberly Starkey
"Great place...especially as an avid runner. Jennifer is great at working out all my aches and pains." Jill Pazdan
"I have had massages in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Germany, and Kuna. None have been better than those I have received from Jennifer." -Bruce Cooper
"Body Harmony Massage is FABULOUS! There are very few massage therapists who are as attuned to the body as Jennifer is and she is able and willing to get into the muscles and really work them. After our couples massage, both of us felt like new people! We are excited to turn this into a monthly date - all in the name of good health of course! :)" -Jennifer Stephens

"Don’t usually recommend many things but highly recommend and have recommended to many friends and most have returned to Body Harmony Massage. “Very Professional”" -Greg Woods

"Had my first massage ever last week at Body Harmony Massage. I was referred to them. I am an athlete and found it to be physically beneficial as well as enjoyable. I will return and recommend this business." -Jon Field

"Get a great massage!!!" -Elise Daniel

"Loved my massage from Jennifer at Body Harmony. Conveniently located near Kuna Idaho. A monthly massage sounds great, doesn't it!" -Megan Reece

"Jennifer, you were terrific.  You found what was hurting without much guidance from me and it did make a difference so, thank you so very much!" -Tonia Booker

"Jennifer was awesome, boy did she find the right spots right away!  Just what I needed.  You'll be seeing me again :-)" -Vicki McCambridge

"Best experience ever with a massage. So unbelievably relaxing!!!!" -Aubrey Winjum

"I am a Massage Therapist myself and this was one of the best massages I've had in a long time. I loved how Jennifer used different modalities to customize the massage to my specific needs and requests...Thanks again!" -Susan Pett

"After 5 years in Boise--and having tried a few masseuses (sp?) without much luck--Jennifer is the first I've found here who is a real "keeper". I like her work so much that I bought a "5 pack" yesterday (after receiving my 2nd massage from her). She gets an A+ from me and I highly recommend her. Despite an exceptionally busy work schedule (she can only do one massage at a time!), she does her best to accomodate scheduling." -Bill Smithey

"Jennifer gives a great massage!  She really knows how to zero in on all those pesky knots and beat them into submission (in the best way possible!)" -Ann Baertsch

"Great job Jennifer, it was a great release of tension and afterwards I felt great.  Highly recommend her and will be back." -Denise Carter

"AWESOME massage last week Jennifer!  The "hurt so good" was MUCH appreciated and I definitely feel more loose in my neck and shoulders.  Thank you!!" -Jentry Walsh

"Jennifer did a great job working out the deep tension in my upper back and neck.  I wasn't even sore the next day!  Would definitely recommend her." -Carol Keating Mills

"I had my first massage with Jennifer on Thursday and it was awesome! I slept all night long that night!! Thanks Jennifer." -Rosanna Lockett

"Definitely got the deep-tissue massage I asked for!  It was a great release of the tension, especially in my shoulder/neck area...Thanks!" -Nancy Poore

"Awesome!!!! Great prices and wonderful massage. I love how she just gets in there no messing around. Can't wait to go back!!!!" -Keena Cruz

"Great massage. Jen is extremely knowledgeable! I go every 3 weeks." -Ashli Wesley

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